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Our home is located at 30 Dean St. Worcester, MA 01609 across from the Founders and East resident halls. The house is a bright yellow and sticks out like a sore thumb.


At Lambda Chi Alpha, it is our mission to perform second to none; it is our duty to teach by example and precept.


Within the brotherhood of Lambda Chi Alpha, we pride ourselves upon our 7 core values, summing up into an acronym called LDRSHIP, with each letter standing for:

1. Loyalty

2. Duty

3. Respect

4. Stewardship/Service

5. Honor

6. Integrity

7. Personal Courage

These core values are used a foundation for us to foster brotherhood within our fraternity and pursue our ideals. As a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha, you can gain amazing opportunities in networking with both students, and alumni that relate to the fraternity. Another advantage of being a brother of LCA is the chance of gaining leadership roles through our officer positions within the organization.


At LCA we do not have a pledging process but instead have an associate membership in which you are given the same rights as brothers are. For example, these rights include wearing our letters, voting in chapter meetings, and gaining the ability to hold officer positions.



Hometown - Seekonk, MA

Major - Electrical & Computer Engineering

Year - Class of 2021


Rush Chair

Hometown – Tiverton, RI

Major – Chemical Engineering

Year - Class of 2022


Click above to watch a brief tour of the Lambda Chi House.